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25 Quick Ways To Speed Up Your Computer Performance

For an avid computer user how a PC speed can make a difference, I understand. For those who make out their living working on a computer, nothing can be more torturing than a slow computer and slower internet. I’ve previously written an article on How To Improve Your WiFi Network Performance, if the issue is with your internet read this article.

25 Quick Ways To Speed Up Your Computer Performance
Quick Ways To Speed Up Your Computer

While buying a new computer, we carefully consider many qualities to experience the best performance. With the time, our system gets slow down. If you are willing to speed up computer performance and looking for the best ways to speed up your computer, then get ready for the best solution. Today herein, you are going to get a list of 25 quick ways to speed up your computer performance.

And in case, if you are fond of free stuff and getting worried that the solutions would be premium, then mind you the solution is totally FREE. You can even title this guide as how to speed up computer for free.

Quick Ways To Speed Up Your Computer Performance

My PC is slow! How painful these words can be. No one wants a slow computer especially, when they have to work day and night on PC. The slow computer can reduce your workability and demotivate you from working. Thus, the checklist of 25 quick ways to speed up your computer performance can be a life saver to you. Let’s figure out what are the ways to make your computer faster.

1. Uninstall unwanted programs:

The first and most important step to speed up your computer performance is to remove the unwanted programs that are no longer in use. With time, our computer system becomes full of software that were useful then but have no use now.

These software eat up a lot of disk space and cause to a slower PC. So, in order to speed up your computer make sure you remove all the unnecessary and unneeded software. And consider performing this actions once a month to avoid performance degrade in the future. To remove unnecessary file. 

  • Click on the start menu.
  • And go to control panel.
  • Now go to add/remove programs.
  • In the list provided, check for the unneeded software wich are no longer in use and remove them.

2. Empty the Recycle Bin

Yes, emptying the recycle bin helps you to improve your system performance and make your computer faster. Whenever we delete files on our computer, they don’t get deleted permanently. Instead, they go to the recycle bin and stays there unless we delete or restore them.

And obviously, they occupy some of the hard drive space and eventually makes your Pc slow. So, emptying recycle bin is on number two in the speed up your computer check list. Procedure is simple. 

  • On your desktop, find the recycle bin icon.
  • Right click on it, and select Empty Recycle Bin.
  • Confirm the procedure and you are done. 

3. Clean Registry

When you installed a new software on your system or do any kind of application changes, its record gets stored in the Registry. Or in other words, you can say everything that is installed on your computer leaves its record in the Registry.

With time, some entries may become out-of-date which cause to the slower PC. Thus cleaning the registry is an important aspect of increasing the performance of a computer. Luckily, there are a number of free software like CCleaner, Wise Registry Cleaner which helps you to clean not only registry junks but also repair Windows errors and keep your PC at peak performance.

4. Use minimum animations

We all love animations! But animations can cause you a slower system. The more would be the animations on your system say it 3D effects or any other visual effect, the more performance issue you may face.

To minimize animations and visual effects,

  • On your desktop, right-click on My Computer and go to Properties.
  • Now click on Advanced tab.
  • Under performance, go to Settings.
  • Here, under Visual Effects set the option to “Adjust for best performance“.
  • And click on OK.

5. Shutdown/Reboot Your System

When shutting down any program on a computer, they might still be running in the background. In such case, even after closing, they don’t release the memory and keep using the system resources.

In result, our computer functions slower. Therefore, if your computer us working slow and you are looking for best ways to speed up your computer, consider shutting it down once and then restart it. It may work properly with this little activity.

6. Turn Off Resource Hungry Program

There are a number of programs on your computer which takes unusually high resources than any other useful programs. To speed up your computer, you need to stop those unimportant computer programs which are using more resources and making your system slower.

To do that,

  • press the combination of keys Ctrl+Alt+Delete together.
  • Alternatively, right-click on the taskbar and go to Task Manager.
  • In the task manager window, go to the Processes tab.
  • Here, check for the processes which are using most memory and are nor important, close them manually.
  • Or, select the process by clicking over it and click on the End Process in the bottom. 

But, if the processes are taking less space and you don’t have any idea about their usability let them be, don’t end them. They might affect your system performance in a negative way.

7. Scan for Malware and Adware

To speed up your computer, the basic and most important factor is to spy for malware and viruses. Malware, viruses, and adware can affect your system very badly and degrade its performance.

These bad programs may work in the background and can affect your computer’s performance very badly. So, to speed up your computer scan your system for malware, adware and remove them in order to make it fast. And keep any good anti-virus software like avast, NPAV that timely scan your system and keeps your system virus free.

If your computer or browser is infected with malware and you are facing pop-up ads which are slowing down your system, read this article on how to stop unwanted pop-ups and malware in google chrome.

8. Increase RAM

RAM(Random access memory) is what used to store all the system’s running programs and files. If your system is giving poor performance and you are willing to make it fast, make sure you upgrade your RAM to the better version. Like DDR 2 and 3 gives better performance than DDR1.

Every computer has multiple slots for RAM. All you need to do is buy the RAM and insert it into your computer. The higher the RAM, better the performance. But make sure, the RAM your are buying is supported by your computer.

9. Defragment Your Hard Disk

Over time, your hard drive may get over fragmented. It means all your data while storing on the hard drive, get scattered all over on your hard drive in an unsystematic manner. Which obvious takes more time for your computer to extract the data.

So, it becomes really  essential to defrag all the drive to enhance the performance of the computer. And thankfully, our windows come with inbuilt defragmentation utility. To defragment the hard drive,

  • Go to My Computer.
  • Then right click on any of the drives you want to De-fragment.
  • Go to Properties and then Tools.
  • Here under Defragmentation, click on Defragment Now.

It may take some time for you to complete the process but after that, your system will surely work better.

But mind you, don’t defragment SSD, instead of speed up your computer it may affect negatively. 

10. Limit Startup Processes

Startup processes are those which starts with the Pc. And needless to say, if there would be more processes, the system can get affected negatively. Even though you shut down those programs, but they may still be running in the background.

Therefore, it becomes very crucial to limit start-up processes to speed up your computer. To limit the startup processes all you have to do is,

  • Press windows+R key.
  • Type msconfig in the search bar and press Ok.
  •  In the System Configuration Utility, go to Startup tab. 
  • List of all startup programs will open. Uncheck all the programs which are not important to you. Keep the only necessary once. This trick would surely increase your computer’s workability.

11. Optimize power settings to maximum performance

If you are a laptop user and facing slow performance issues, this trick might help you. It is advised to keep the performance mode to High Performance. For this,

  • Click on Start menu and go to control panel.
  • Click on Power options.
  • Here, set the power option to High performance. It might consume more energy but when it comes on performance, its the best choice.

This trick might help people who often make queries on how to speed up laptop.

12. Perform Disk Clean Up

For the proper functioning of a computer, consider cleaning up the disk. Over time, our computer accumulate number of junk files, duplicate files, temp files and start getting slower in the result.

Thus, consider performing the disk clean up at least once a week or a couple of times a month. Because, if our computer would be occupied with unnecessary files, there would be less number of resources available for the useful ones. In order to clean up disk,

  • Click on Start menu and go to All programs.
  • Then hover your cursor on Accessories then System Tools.
  • Now in the list provided, select Disk Cleanup.
  • In the disk Cleanup window, you need to select the drive to be clean up.
  • Select all the drives one by one and click on Ok.
  • Your system will start scanning for the al the delectable junk files, now select accordingly and remove them.

I’m sure once you delete all the unnecessary files from your computer, you won’t have to look for how to speed up computer for free or best ways to speed up computer. Once you follow the prescribed steps, your system’s performance will surely increase and your computer would work much faster.

13. Don’t Use Heavy Wallpaper

This is the next point in the list of 25 Quick Ways To Speed Up Your Computer Performance, which most of is not considered. Live wallpaper, screen saver, and heavy background can cause a slower Pc. Therefore, if your computer does not give a good performance, avoid using heavy background.

Instead, use a simple background with any light-weight image.

14. Delete Duplicate Files

The less space your computer will have, the slower it would perform. Over time, our system starts collecting lots of duplicate files. for example, if you received an email attachment and you downloaded it in one drive. But later you might forget about its location and downloaded it again.

This way we create duplicate unknowingly and occupy our system resources with the duplicate files. Therefore, to speed up your computer or laptop, make sure to delete the duplicate files. For this, there are a number of software available out there. One of them is Duplicate Cleaner.

15. Upgrade OS

If you don’t upgrade your system with newer technologies, no matter how hard you try, you have to face the downfall in your system’s performance.

Every new thing comes with improved versions. So, to enjoy the good computer performance, make sure you upgrade your OS to the better one. For example, the latest operating system available in the market is windows 10, which is free.

But before you upgrade your OS to windows 10, check for the windows 10 compatibility first. Because, incompatible OS may make your computer even slower.

16. Increase Speed Of Your Browser

Another important point in the list of quick ways to speed up your computer. If you are facing performance downfall while using the internet, chances are your browser is slow.

In order to make your computer work faster, make sure to increase the speed of your browser. For this, remove all the unnecessary plugins and extension and do the need full.

In the near future, I’ll consider writing an article on this topic.

17. Upgrade Hard Disk

Upgrading hard disk can bring a significant change in your computer’s performance. It might cost you a few bucks but if you have a serious performance issue and you badly want to speed up your computer, if no other tip is helping you to get the better performance, maybe it’s time for you to upgrade your hard disk.

18. Use PC Performance Boosting Software

There are a number of third party utilities which offer performance boosters for free. They do all the needful changes to your system and help you speed up your computer. One such software is Advanced SystemCare 9. It offers you the troubleshooting of all the problems slowing down your PC and optimize and speed your computer in only one click.

Another such utility is Glary Utility. It is another one click free software which uses over 20 tools to improve your system performance and fix all the crashes and errors.

19. Don’t Use Too Many Programs Together

To experience the better performance, make sure you don’t occupy too many resources altogether. Even though computers are made for multitasking purpose but too many tasks together make the system slow.

If you have photoshop or other such heavy software open, avoid surfing the internet for example. At a time do less number of tasks, you’ll not face performance issue.

20. Run Error Checking

One of the simple ways to speed up a computer is to run error checking. Windows provide us with this special utility of error checking. It automatically checks for system error and fix them.

To use this windows utility and run error checking.

  • Go to My Computer.
  • Right click on any drive and go to Properties.
  • In the properties window, go to Tools.
  • Under error checking click on Check Now. 
  • Check disk options and click on Start.

Windows will start checking for the system errors and will fix them as per the need.

21. Delete Temporary Files

Whenever we visit any web page or create any file on the computer, some related links get saved on our system as a temporary storage. Over time, these files get unimportant and do nothing but consumes a lot of our hard drive space.

Thus, deleting these temp files become very necessary to release some space and speed up our PC performance. The way to delete the temporary file is given below.

  • Press window+ R key or manually open Run window by going to Start menu>Run.
  • In the run window, type %temp% and click Ok.
  • Here select all the files and delete them. Some file may not be deleted, let them be.

22. Install Ad Blocker

Yet another very important point to speed up your computer. Ad blocker lets your system work faster by not letting any malicious website open in your browsers. It also prevents your system for downloading advertisements which saves your hard drive space and internet usage.

So, one of the tips to speed up computer is to install the ad blocker.

23. Clean Up The Primary Partition

The next tip to follow to speed up your computer is to clean up the primary partition. For this,

  • Go to the Run window (type windows key+R).
  • In the search field type cleanmgr.
  • Select the drive to clean up and click on Ok.
  • A list of all the junk files will be opened.
  • Select the files you want to delete and click on ok.
  • Confirm the process and you are done.

24. Don’t Use The Computer For Too Long

Using any machine for too long may heat it up. Same is the case with computers. If you’ll keep working on them without giving it a rest, they will eventually degrade its performance and will start working slow.

It’s very important to give your PC a rest. If your are using it for 15-20 hours nonstop, its time for it to give it, at least, an hour break. No one can work straight for long, not even machines.

25. Reset Your Computer

Last but not the least, reset your computer to make it fast. Reset is the ultimate solutions to fix many problems. When nothing works, just reset or format your system.

With this, I’m wrapping up the article 25 quick ways to speed up your computer performance. I’m considering following all the tricks cautiously may have solved your many doubts like why my PC is slow, how to speed up your computer, simple ways to speed up computer, ways to speed up computer and on and on.

Everyone deserve smooth and flawless life. For a heavy computer user, the slow computer can create more problems than anything. If some minor tweaks, you can speed up your computer and make your life smooth then why not to try them and make your life tranquil.

If the article helped you to increase the speed of your computer, do share it with your friends and help them make their computer fast.