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7 Things To Share With Your Journal To Stay Motivated and Inspired

You just started keeping a journal? Good for you! Great people should always make sure to leave traces of their lives behind. And, you know that we all have greatness inside. Even when you don’t share everything with the world, writing is an important activity that keeps you calm and maintains your memory.

7 Things To Share With Your Journal To Stay Motivated and Inspired

The only question is: what should you include in your daily writings? Should you just write random thoughts, or should you put some order to them? If you remind yourself to share specific things every day, you’ll notice how you are getting more focused and productive. Of course you can also write whatever else comes to your mind, but these reminders will keep you on the right track.

Here are 7 things you should share with your diary every day:

1. Your Goals

It’s easier to face the challenges in your life when you know where you’re headed to. Whenever you feel under pressure or overwhelmed, the diary will remind you of the success you want to achieve. Write down your goals, but also make a plan on how you want to achieve them. Then, write about your daily actions that made sense in terms of achieving those short-term and long-term goals.

As the great Dostoevsky wrote in his own diary, “happiness lies not in happiness only but in the attempt to achieve it.” When you make yourself aware that you’re not wasting your days away, but you’re doing something useful with your life, you’ll become a happier person. The steps of the journey are more important than the goal itself.

2. Good Moments And Failures

Failures make you stronger. It’s impossible to achieve success in every single thing you plan. Sometimes life will hit you in ways you never expected. Instead of throwing yourself in despair, write! Write about the things that happened and the emotions you’re currently experiencing. These moments will pass. Time goes by, and you’ll inevitably surpass the hardships. When you reread your notes, you’ll remember the struggles and you’ll acknowledge the personal growth you achieved as a result.

Of course, you’ll also write every positive experience in your day. With all those tasks, problems, and expectations, we tend to neglect the beauty that surrounds us. We forget about that kid we surprised and made laugh, and we forget about the great lunch at our parents’ house. Let’s not allow that to happen. Life is beautiful; we only have to dig a bit deeper to reveal the moments we should celebrate. Write them down.

3. Your Ideas

Do you get those moments of enlightenment, when brilliant ideas invade your mind? Those precious moments may be rare, but we have to make them memorable by noting them down in the journal. When you write about your ideas, you won’t let them fade away. As a writer at Edugeeks Club who is always in search for inspiring thoughts  I can say that this initial spark of enthusiasm can easily evaporate if you don’t document it as soon as it appears. So make sure to preserve it.

4. The Books You Want To Read

You come across quotes of different authors whenever you browse the Internet. Some of them are truly powerful. Guess what: they are even more powerful when you understand the context they come from. Create your must-read list in the diary, and then add the impressions of the books you’re reading to it. This will make them last.

5. The Things You Learned

Life is not all about having fun, friendships, and adventures. It’s also about learning. You will feel much better about yourself when you become aware that you’re learning new things every single day. Did you discover a new interest today? Maybe you came across a news article by NASA and you didn’t understand most of the things written in it. You realized you wanted to study the Universe as much as you could possibly. You should share those precious moments with your diary. With time, you’ll be ready to attend an online course and you’ll get the knowledge you desire.

The Internet is an impressive source of knowledge. Make it a daily goal: you’ll use it to learn something new every day and you’ll write it in the diary.

6. Inspirational Quotes

Motivation keeps you going through life. Some quotes can remind you of all that potential you have hidden inside, and they will inspire you to make a step forward from the state of hiatus. Whenever you find an inspiring quote or you hear something deep from the people who surround you, add it to the daily journal submission.

If you feel discouraged at any point of your life, open the diary and find these quotes. They will give you the strength to move on or just to recall some worthy statements.

7. Observations Of The People Around You

We all have role models. Maybe you are still impressed by that high school friend who always had time to study, write papers, and be the best friend to the entire class. The presence of other people around you is a great advantage. You can observe their behavior, analyze their personality, and understand a lot about human psychology only if you keep those impressions fresh.

Write about the strength, bad habits, and personal drawbacks you notice in the people you communicate with. These notes will help you dig deeper into your own mind and soul, since you’ll notice you possess almost all those characteristics in a mild or accentuated form.

When we try to remember few days of our past, it seems like we’ve been living through the same patterns and routines. That’s because our memories faded away. In reality, every day is different and we are different every day. A diary can be a witness to our growth, struggles, and happy moments.