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Best Gaming Android Emulators to Play Games in PC

Best Gaming Android Emulators. are listed here in this article. No need to define the popularity of the Android platform, you all know how much it was useful and what people are doing in that. Finally the android users are increasing and the options in android are developing daily. 

Best Gaming Android Emulators to Play Games in PC
Best Gaming Android Emulators

As a result so many gaming Android emulators are introduced. If you’re not up to speed about exactly what these are used for don’t worry I am going to share you the best emulators for android to play games in PC. Emulators are software’s that you can run on your PC, and once installed it will allow you to run the Android OS, and therefore Android apps, on your Windows PC and sometimes Macs.

So why to use Android emulators for PC? There are so many reasons why people want to run Android apps on a PC. Some people want to run android apk’s in big screen laptop or PC.

Developers may test the android apps in PC. Some people want to play the favourite games with keyboard controls and by using mouse.

Best Gaming Android Emulators to Play Games in PC

There are so many android emulators. Among them all emulators doesn’t support speed loading and flexibility. Some android emulators will slow down your system. They will get freeze and unable to enjoy the gaming features.

These are some reasons why people want to use an Android emulator for PC, although it’s very worth pointing installing the software’s on your PC could make it run slower than usual. You should download the emulators depending on system requirements and hardware, especially. Especially older PC’s will have low RAM and will not accept to run some files very fast.

There are many Android emulators available for PCs running Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10, albeit the process can be a little tricky at times and some function better than others. These are all free to download, however some have extra features that demand further charges. I personally did a lot of research on gaming android emulators and listed 6 best android emulators for games 2021.

What is an android emulator for PC?

Android emulators are software programs that work with your computer’s hardware to mimic the Android OS. Mobile emulator online. This allows you to try out different versions of the OS without having to purchase new devices.

There are many different types of Android emulators, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. However, there are some features that every emulator should have. These features include a large catalog of apps available for download, audio and video performance that is on par with real devices, accurate touch screen simulation, and an installation process that is easy to follow.

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What is an emulator and what does it do?

What is an emulator: An emulator is a computer program that replicates the hardware and software of one system on another. Emulators are often used to play old games on modern computers, as well as to run old operating systems on newer ones.

Emulators can also be used to run different versions of the same operating system (such as Windows) and try software without needing to install it for real or to debug embedded systems.

What does an emulator do: The main use of an emulator is to recreate a specific environment from one machine on another with the goal of being able to execute code meant for the original machine. This allows you to emulate devices such as arcade machines, gaming consoles, calculators, and so on.

The definition of an emulator, in simple terms, is a software that mimics the behavior of one computer system on another such that it makes it seem like they're just different versions of the same system. In this case, we're talking about Android running on Windows.

Android emulator for PC: The best Android emulators for PC.

If you're looking for the best Android emulator for PC. You are in the right place.

List of Best Gaming android Emulators to Play Games in PC || Download Gaming Emulators

Playing games on your phone is great, but what if you want to play them on a bigger screen? Well, you could either download an app that's compatible with both your phone and PC or use one of these amazing android emulators.

This list of the best gaming android emulators to play games on PC will walk you through the process and give you some helpful tips for choosing the right one.

1. MEmu Emulator

Memu best android gaming emulator for low end pc
Memu best gaming android device

The lightweight MEmu emulator is very much compatible with almost all popular games. MEmu best android video game emulators. Although the best suit is focusing on productivity of the usage. It can run alongside other Android emulators and supports numerous instances, as well as having the Google Play Store pre-installed. MEmu successfully supports the following options like full-screen mode, keyboard mapping, a screenshot tool, ‘kill process’ tool, and enables users to record the touch-screen actions and replay at any time with an tool called ‘operational record’ tool.

2. Bluestacks

Bluestacks best android games for emulator
Bluestacks best android games for emulator

Blue Stacks was one of the first ever popular and most used android emulators having launched in 2012. Bluestacks was launched with a lot of features. Later so many gaming android emulators for pc are released.

With 250 million users it stands the largest free android emulator on the PC. From my personal experience this bluestacks works very well for latest popular android games like Clash Royale, Vainglory, Seven Knights, etc. Due to some reasons some games are not opening in bluestacks gaming emulator. Free version of the bluestacks has so many drawbacks.  I used Blue Stacks for several of my early YouTube mobile gameplay videos, but I switched after it wouldn't open many of the games I attempted. Another issue with bluestacks is we need to accept the download of some default apps that come with Bluestacks. If you are interested in me. Bluestacks Vs Droid4x Emulators || Which is Best 2022 Emulator? click here


  • Supports more apps,almost every
  • Can be rooted
  • IMEI,DEVICE ID can be changed


  • Heavy App Sucks Ram alot
  • About 700MB in size
  • Runs on virtual Box

You can get i from: Click to download Bluestacks for Windows

3. Geny Motion

Best Gaming Android Emulators to Play Games in PC

Geny Motion is available here to download as it was listed on Gaming android emulators for android 2018. This emulator was mainly targeted by developers rather than casual users, which is something worth bearing in mind although consumers get to use it for free. It’s an pure and excellent Android tool which was used to install and enables access from Android 4.4 Kitkat right through to Android 7.0 Nougat.

GenyMotion best android gaming emulator for low end pc. GenyMotion plays an important role and in compatible with the Android Studio, Android SDK tools and Eclipse also. It is also compatible with Websites that are tested in a variety of Android browsers. Firefox for Android and Webkit for Android are examples for android browsers. . Functionality of this emulator includes being able to use the main webcam as a video recording source for an Android camera, best testing apps with various battery levels, and geolocation-based app testing. Loaded with full premium version ads and extras such as unlimited screencasts and much latest features.

This Android emulator can be considered as alternative of Bluestacks and workds on virtual box concept the setup file is small as compared to bluestacks and runs smoothly but supports less apps than Bluestacks. Android emulator online. It has advance features like OpenGL, and hardware acceleration. 


  • Boots fast as compared to Bluestacks.
  • Free.
  • OpenGL and hardware acceleration

Cons :

  • Again Heavy.
  • sometimes hangs.
  • not all apps supported. 

You can get it from here: Click here to download GenyMotion android emulator for Windows. 

4. Nox

Best Gaming Android Emulators

No need of special introduction about Nox player.  The best feature with Nox is particularly aimed at playing mobile games on PCs and works very smoothly. Similar to BlueStacks, Nox is mainly based on the version of Android KitKat, and absolutely it’s one of the newer Android emulators available.

Nox emulator is very speedy but less performance with power-hungry games. Users can adjust the number of processing cores, the quantity of RAM, and more with Nox. It also allows users to assign different functions to keys or simulate gesture movements with the keyboard or joystick.

The amazing feature about Nox app player is the wanted apps can be installed through APKs or from the Google Play Store directly. Further features of NOX include one-click root hide and unhide, and inbuilt GPS controller setting. It's completely free with no advertisements, unlike many other Android emulators, therefore it has to be one of our top Android emulators for PC.

5. Droid4x

Last but not the least Droid4x is one of the best gaming android emulators 2021 . Playing games on android smart phone or tablet has become so much popular these days. In travelling or in leisure time almost all will choose to play games in smart devices. No age is matter to play wonderful games in android.

With the huge popularity of android games, Droid4x launched this software to run games and apps of android in PC Computer.  It is very simple software which allows you to have a virtual android desktop on your computer. While providing access to the google Playstore and all the content associated with that. Droid4x best android emulator for low-end pc. You can remote control for your physical android and iOS devices so you can control phone and tablet functions directly from your PC.

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6. LD Player

Best Gaming Android Emulators to Play Games in PC

ldplayer best gaming android emulator on pc. This is only android emulator which works on windows kernel,Doesn’t require Virtual box to run,Light software like you wave can be considered as alternative of YouWave. ldplayer best gaming android emulator for Linux and Windows. 

Price: Free

How to Install Android Emulators on Your PC?

Installing an Android emulator on a PC is pretty simple and straight forward. Emulators are usually offered as an EXE (executable) file. Once you’ve downloaded any of the above setup file (EXE), simply double-click on it and it will start the installation wizard. Follow the on-screen directions to complete the installation.

Some emulators may require an internet connection to download additional libraries during installation. Once the installation is complete, launch the emulator and set up your Google account (don’t forget, have a separate email for your gaming activities on emulators). You can now go to the Google Play Store and download any game you want.

Are Android Emulators Safe To Download?

Yes, downloading and installing Android emulators on your PC is completely safe. You should not, however, install programmes from an untrustworthy source. Make sure you’re getting your apps from the Google Play Store or other trusted source so that you don’t end up installing a malware that will not only slow not only slows down the app's speed, but it also puts you at risk. 

Pro Tips (For Gamers)

If your primary goal of installing an Android emulator on a PC is gaming, then, here are a few things you should know (do). For faster performance, make sure you enable hardware virtualization in your BIOS settings. Secondly, some emulator comes with bloatware, uninstall all of them (if possible) to boost performance and remap the default controls to your convenience. Lastly, use a separate email for your Google account since most emulator runs older Android version to avoid any security risk.


Here as a result we came to conclusion on Best Gaming android emulators for PC. I gave you all the clear information about the entire article, Today you will enjoy me. best android gaming emulator for mac and pc.

For those who are looking for best gaming android emulators so they can play games in PC, they have to look at the features of these emulators. You need to know if it is available or not on your device so you won’t have any problems with getting it installed.

If you have any queries regarding this article, kindly post them in comment box. Please share this article if you like it. Thank you.