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20 Best Rooted Android Apps you Should Try in 2022

There are many readers who have asked me to write an article for them to talk about the Best Rooted Android Apps, and what is the best app for rooted android?

There are so many readers who had requested the Best Rooted Application for their Android Phone. The Android is the multitasking operating system. Android is one of the Best operating system available in the market. Peoples are always facing some problems in Android operating system sometime like Battery Problems, Network Problems, and Ads problem. That is why the Rooted Apps are used to Manage your Android Phone more effectively.

20 Best Rooted Android Apps you Should Try in 2022

Using Rooted Android Apps will tweak you to the next levels. When you will buy your first Android phone, you will found very lesser customization option on the Android Phone. But Now, the Rooted application will be allowed you to customize the Android Phone more easily and effectively. Before we will proceed to the Best Rooted Android Apps 2022, you must have a rooted Android Device to install and use these Android Rooted Applications. These rooted applications for Android are tested and used by me personally for a long time.

So. Below are the Most used and popular Rooted Android apps of 2022, which you should give a single try. You will know how strongly you can customize the Android Phone.

Top 20 Best Rooted Android Apps 2022 You Should Know

As we all know, we can’t use the Root Applications on Android without rooting the Android Device fully. So, before you can install and open the Android Rooted apps, you should root the Android Device. For Rooting Android device you may follow the Tech4basic article which is linked below. Follow the article to Root the Android Phone.

20 Best Rooted Android Application of 2022

Check out the list of below given best-rooted application, which is very popular on Android platform. Check out the 20+ Rooted Android Apps of 2022:

1. Rom ToolBox Pro

The Rom ToolBox Pro is the most used and popular app which every Android users would have. Basically, it is a Monster application for root user which has every essential root apps in it. Which Android rooted apps are used to customize and manage your Android phone are included in the Rom ToolBox Pro. Basically, when the user wants to do some specific root task on Android phone, he/she need to install the specific Rooted Apps. The Rom ToolBox pro is multitasking app, which will save you 80% of Memory.

The Root ToolBox Pro required the Root Permission for doing some root task. You need to follow the above link to Root your Android Phone. Root Toolbox Pro combined some useful apps like Titanium Backup, Rom Manager, Font Installer, and Boot Animation Changer. You can also read other official information about the ROM ToolBox Pro.
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2. Root Cleaner

Are you guy’s suck with useless files and folders, then this app is specially designed for you. The Root Cleaner will allow the users to Delete and remove the useless junk forever. In nowadays, it is too difficult to find some useless files and folders separately. That’s when the user needs some rooted apps to clear the unwanted junkware. There are so many best rooted Android apps are uploaded to Google Play Store which claims that they can clean useless and unwanted files 100% accurately. Note that, sometimes the untrusted apps may delete your important data. it is highly recommended that always use trusted and latest version of the Android App. Root Cleaner is one of the Best Rooted Android Apps, which I am using currently to remove the junkware and spam files and folders.

best rooted android apps

Sometimes, the useless thumbnails, temp files, images and audio files are remains after uninstalling some apps or games. The users who don’t have any idea about how to clear these files are stuck at that time. The Root Cleaner just scan the whole SD & Internal Memory to find the useless files. After that, the user can clear the Useless files.

3. Adfree and Adaway

That’s the biggest reason for what I love to root my Android Device. Definitely, you guy’s are always found this problem on your Android Device. The Problem is none other than Ads & popups. Ya, that’s what I am talking about. The Ads in nowadays are common for every Android users. Some time Android user face many ads because of scam apps or the apps which are created only for making money with ads. Sometimes, our favorite app & website have an Ads, which are very irritating at the time of browsing.

Adfree has a solution to your problem. The Adfree is one of the best rooted Android app and free Ads blocker at this time. I would like to suggest you download and use Adfree once. Adfree is a simple app for Android Operating System that modified the system files and redirects the Advertisements & Irritating Ads.

Download Adfree Root App

4. BusyBox

Like ROM ToolBox, BusyBox is also the best Android Root application, which every user should once installed on the computer. It will help you to manage Android device fully and control the device with your fingertips. Only you have to do is Root your Android device and install the Busy Box application on your Android Phone. The BusyBox allows you to Backup all data, uninstall pre-loaded apps, and safety check for missing operating system files. If you had not yet installed the Busy Box Android app, you must give it a try. The app is popular in every single techie guy, because of it’s awesome features and tasks.

BusyBox is a Software Application for Android phone which performs the various Unix Tools. It is the most used and 5 Stared best rooted Android App which I am using since I have started using Android Phone. Get BusyBox Android App now, and do whatever you like to do with the Rooted Android Device.
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5. Screen Recorder Pro

As per the name, you may already understand the type of application. The Screen Recorder Pro is the best App to record the screen on your Android Device. In some Android Phone the Screen Recorder is already installed, but in some cases, we need use the 3rd party software to record the Screen of Android Device. As I a am Tech Atheist, so I know how much work I need to record my Android screen. that’s why I have put the Screen Recorder Pro On this list. It is very easy to use and easy to handle.

You don’t need to do anything extra if you have rooted Android Device. Otherwise, It will create problems to record video. Before installing the Screen Recorder Pro, make sure to Root your Android Device using various third party apps like kingroot, I root, and Kingoroot. You can just start recording of your screen with a single click. There are other features like starting video recording by shaking Android Device.

6. Lucky Patcher

If you are a games lover or Pro application lovers, then definitely this app will go to full lot’s of thrills in your life now. There are so many functions in this app which will allow you to exploit any App or Games. It will also allow you to uninstall the pre-loaded system apps. Other than gaming and premium apps, Lucky Patcher allowed you to block the unwanted Advertisements and working as an Adblocker.

Lucky Patcher App is popular among the users which are addicted to Gaming and Premium apps. works best on a rooted device, This means you'll need to root your Android first, which you can do with a software like KingRoot apk. It’s the best-rooted android application for game lovers and pro app users.

7. Greenify

As in my previous post Best Charging Apps for Android, I had already mentioned that how important is Greenify Android Application. Battery backup is the most important feature of the Android phone. Everyone needs more than 5000+ mAH in nowadays. Greenify is the Application which allows you to manage the Battery Backup of the Android Phone. There is 100+ application available in the Market, but believe me, Greenify is the most used and trusted the app to improve your Battery Backup on Android Phone. That’s why it is on the list of Best Rooted Android Apps.

The Greenify Android App is available for the non-rooted Android phone too, but the features in the Non-Rooted Android phone is less than the Rooted Greenify App. When I was in my college days, I used it on the non-rooted Android phone, there are lot’s of limitations in the Non-Rooted Phone. It will end up the background process & services which are not used at that time. Check out the Greenify Battery Management app by clicking on the link below.

8. Titanium Backup

What is a most important thing on your Android Phone? It’s the memory & Storage which is the most important thing on the Android Phone. What’s if your phone will be lost or broken down. You are totally getting pissed off because you lose lots of data and important contacts. For That problem, you need a Titanium Backup which is very reliable to backup your data. There are so many Important Contacts, Messages, Files and Media Files. That’s why we need a professional app to protect our data. Check out the other best rooted android apps 2022 below.

Titanium is one of the best data recovering application, all you need a Rooted Android Device. Like other apps, it will not only backup the APK files but it will also backup your application’s data. The Titanium Backup does not take a backup of useless or bloatware. It will be easy to restore the data after taking backup. Even a beginner who does not any anything about the Titanium Backup can take the backup of the Storage using Titanium Backup.

9. Quick Boot

Note that, if you had not rooted the Android Phone Yet, then Quick Boot didn’t work on the Android Phone. You should first Root your android device to use the Quick Boot Application. It does not require some other special permission. If you are a custom ROM and CWM Recovery Mode user then this is the best application for you. Some time your stock ROM has missing Advance Boot Menu and Recovery Mode, that’s why many developers and techie persons use Quick Boot.

There are free as well the paid version of the Quick Boot Application. You can check out the functioning and setup information of the Quick Boot through the below given link. Beginner user may find the problems, but with the time you will know the features of Quick Boot.

10. Dumpster

I loved this because of its cool amazing features. The Dumpster is one of the best apps for recovering data. Have you ever stuck with a problem, when you had accidentally deleted your Android Phone data? At that moment the only app that you can help is Dumpster. I had already used it so many times because it is small in size and easy to install. If you are familiar with the Computer, you may know the recycle bin folder on the Computer. Dumpster work as a Recycle bin on the Android phone.

When you will delete the files, these files will be directly moving into the Dumpster recycle bin folder. It’s easy to restore the files from recycle bin folder as like Computer Device. You can delete the file with one click and restore with one click. The Dumpster app will work perfectly with the Media Files as well as documents. Sometimes it works slowly that’s why it is in 10th place of Best Rooted Android Apps 2022.

11. GL Tools

Well, the tool is very popular between the gamers, who love to play the high-end games on Android Phone. If you are facing some problems related to the Games lacking and slowly loading then you should definitely gonna install GL Tool one on your Android phone. Basically, you can say that the GL Tool put the graphics of any Android app in your hand. It depends upon your skill how beautifully you will optimize the Games graphics. The Rooting of Android device is must for the GL Tool Android. Without rooting the Android device you can’t install the GL Tool.

The experience users can say that it is the alternative to the chain fire 3D. You can change the everything you want to do in the game like Bit Rate & Screen resolution of the games. You can control the all graphics quality & texture of the Android game. You can set output counter for the Games, which will help you to set up good quality setting on the game. If you are a beginner and unaware of these things, then don’t mess with the GL Tool Application.

12. SD Fix

Have you faced any problem when you are using your external SD card in KitKat 4.4 and Lollipop operating system? If you don’t know let me clear that the many time I had face problem in SD card of KitKat operating system. SD card was getting locked automatically many times and I am unable to copy and written any of the files on the External card.

That’s where the SD Card Fix will help us to modify the commands on your operating system and help you to copy and write data to the SD Card of the KitKat & Lollipop. Before installing the SD Card fix make sure to root Android device. Just simply install SD Fix App and follow the instructions on the screen.

13. Xposed Framework

If you heard about the Custom Roms and customization then you will definitely know about the Xposed Framework. The readers and many techie guys are so much curious to customize the Android apps and games fully. They just feel dangerous to install the custom ROM, because it’s a very messy process for beginners. That’s why the Xposed Framework is designed. It will allow customizing the Android phone without installing the Custom ROM. The experience users use Xposed Framework as best rooted Android device.

Even a beginner who wants to customize the Android phone or APK can do the task, without touching the main apk file. Only you need to find the appropriate module for the App or Android phone. You can get back your original file or settings back by just reset and rebooting the device. If you had not rooted your Android Device yet, then you are missing so many customization and performance on Android phone.

14. SuperSU

Super SU is the future tool for the Android user to access super commands on Android Application. There are lot’s of readers who are already used the SuperSU APK for accessing the super user’s access. It allows the permission for apps which required the root access to tasks. If you are a Root lover then you must have this best rooted Android apps on your phone.

Check out the SuperSU features and tasks, which can be performed easily by any of the beginner techie guys. Temporary Unroot, Super Access Prompt, Complete unroot, and many more things in pro mode.

15. WPS WPA WiFi Network Tester (Root)

WPS WPA WiFi Network tester is a tool used by the many network administrators to check their network securities. If you are using Wifi Network at home then you should definitely check out your security at home or Office. You can use the WPS WPA WiFi Tester without rooting the device but it won’t help you get the WPA – WEP – WPA2 Pin.

You need to root the Android device to get the WPA-WEP-WPA2 Pin. This app allows the users to do a Pin Bruttleforce in a different way to get the Pin. 

 16. Terminal Emulator

Terminal Emulator Android app will help the candidates to perform Linux command shell on the Android Phone. You can easily access Android inbuilt Linux command line shell. Here are the some of the features: Fully Linux Terminal Emulation, Multiple Windows, and much more.

Note that the App is available for the Rooted Android device. The app doesn’t help you to root the Android device or changing the IMEI of your Android phone. Note that, sometimes you may lose your IMEI number because of wrong technique. Don’t worry you can backup your IMEI using Mobile uncle tool.

Download: Terminal Emulator for Android
Price: Free

17. Xprivacy

In nowadays, there are lots of scam applications which will leak your Private data or anything that is private to you. Xprivacy is the app which will let you do the task of privacy. The better privacy means, better protection of Android device. It will help you to keep your sensitive data safe from the unknown apps.

If you want that, any of your apps don’t access your contact itself, then you can set the privacy by using the Xprivacy Android app. The Android app will only work perfectly when you have a rooted android device. This is one of the best rooted Android apps, which you should use once in the life.

  • Download: [ROOT] X Privacy Installer
  • Price: Free

18. WiFi Kill App (Root Required)

Basically, the WiFi Kill Android app work as the controller of the WiFi Network. You can control the all the device which are connected to the WiFi Network. First of all, you need a Rooted android device after that connect to the WiFi network and wait for the device which is on the same network. You can perform different tasks such as kill the other device network.

You can also monitor the activity doing by the other persons which are connected to the same networks. The app is one of the best rooted android apps because you don’t require special skills to perform the tasks. You can see the IP addresses of the devices which are connected to the same network.

19. Flashify

If you are a recovery mode lover then, you should definitely use the Flashify once in your life. Flashify is one of the best Android apps which helps users to flash boot.img and recovery.img without going to the recovery mode of the Android Phone. Note that, the app is free but you can only flash 3 images per day.

The Flashify is all in one Android app which will help the users to flash into recovery mode, it will support all the popular recovery files. Because it’s awesome features it is in the list of the 20 Best Rooted Android Apps.

  • Download: Flashify (for root users)
  • Price: Free+

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20. System App Remover

There are so many apps are pre-loaded on Android phones nowadays. If you want to remove those apps from the System memory, you have to install the System App Remover. But note that, you must have a rooted Android device to uninstall the System Apps.

The System apps which are unstable and not used frequently by the users are automatically loaded by the System App Remover. It can also move the system apps and other apps to the external SD Card. There are lots of features provided by the application.

These are the Best Rooted Android Apps of 2022, which you must use one in life. If you will install these apps on your phone, you will know the power of the Best Rooted Android Apps. If you have any query related to the Best Rooted Android apps 2022, please ask us below in the comment box. If you had found this article useful then share with friends & college buddies.