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Top 15 Best Selfie Apps For Android, IOS, And Windows| 2021

I have written about the best apps for android and best wallpaper apps earlier. But today, I am supposed to write about the best selfie apps, which are surely going to be very useful to you.

Best Selfie Apps For Android, IOS, And Windows
Best Selfie Apps For Android, IOS, And Windows

Everyone is well aware of the selfie craze nowadays. Due to the craze of selfies, this word was officially added to Oxford itself and selfie was nominated as word of the year in 2021 by oxford.

We all are the witness of selfie craze. Social media is almost flooded with selfies. Moreover, selfies have replaced the trend of  taking autographs of our favourite persons. Now, everyone prefers to take selfies instead of asking for the autographs.

Gone are the days when we needed someone to capture us into the photographs to cherish the memories. Now, the market is full of gadgets which possess front cameras and this is all we need to click the best selfies, isn’t it??

I guess the answer is NO. Only having a best selfie camera and best selfie poses doesn’t assure to have the best selfies. But, one thing which assure you to have best selfies are these selfie apps. Yes, you heard it right.

There are hundreds of apps available in the app stores which claims to take the best selfie possible. Although, all of those apps are not the best, but few of them are.

So, I have rounded up top 15 best selfie apps available in the marketplace. These apps are for all the best selfie phones i.e. android, IOS, and windows.

Top 15 best selfie apps for Android, IOS, And Windows:

Ever since selfies have come into existence, the selfie craze has gone only upward, While technically, all you need is your camera apps and your face to join in on this craze. None of us would have thought that the craze will last so long. Thus, many app developers have tried to develop user-friendly and best apps for selfies to help users to take the best selfies. Let’s have a look into them.

Top 5 best selfie apps for Android:

There are plenty of options when it comes to taking selfies. From the simple front-facing camera on your phone to self-portraits with a compact mirror, there are many ways to get the perfect selfie. 

However, some people may find these methods too time-consuming or difficult for them to use by themselves. If that sounds like you, then this list of the best selfie apps for Android might be right up your alley. Below are the best selfie apps for iPhone. 

1. Retrica - The Original Filter Camera

Top 15 Best Selfie Apps For Android, IOS, And Windows| 2021
Best Selfie Apps

Retrica is one of the best selfie apps I have come across, that too for free. It’s an all-rounder app, which comes with various features for editing photos and provides the best user experience.

This app offers features like real-time filters and it shows preview before capturing the photos, collage making facilities, blur features(which allow you to focus out or focus in), timer and a lot more.

This is not only an app for the selfie but one of the best photo editing apps for those also, who likes to edit their pictures with multiple effects.

2. YouCam Perfect

Top 15 Best Selfie Apps For Android, IOS, And Windows| 2021
Best Selfie Apps

YouCam Perfect is one the best selfie apps of all time. The user rating for this app is 4.4 out of 5 and 100 million total downloads show its popularity. It has various awesome features which a good selfie should have.

The features include beautifying effects. 

  • You may take still and video selfies with YouCam Perfect, and an auto-beautify tool improves your appearance.
  • multi-face detection, 
  • You can get rid of skin flaws with YouCam Perfect.
  • face reshaping. 
  • YouCam Perfect enhances selfies with stickers, backgrounds, and collages.
  • eyes enhancing features and many other. 
  • The app has the complete user-friendly interface. 

In short, a must try an app: YouCam Perfect on the Google Play Store

3. B612 Camera&Photo

Top 15 Best Selfie Apps For Android, IOS, And Windows| 2021
Best Selfie Apps

B612 Camera & Photo / Video Editor provides easy ways to share your pictures instantly on social media including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Else, it has all the features which other selfie apps have and it’s completely free.

User rating for this app is 4.3, which is pretty good. Since, it asks you no fees and is full of features you can give it a try. Isn’t it??

4. Selfie Studio

It is another good app for selfie lovers. Full of features like silent shot, timer, auto reverse, volume key shutter, share on social networks, skin effects with multiple color schemes etc.

Besides, the best part which differentiate this app from others is, it allows you to maximize the flashlight effects for your selfies as per the need.

5. Candy Camera

Candy Camera is another good addition in the list of selfie apps. It is possessed with the best features making this app one of the best choices.

It has a diverse range of filters which makes your skin look amazing. Moreover, it offers various beautifying functions like eye make-up, face make-up, teeth whitening, stickers and many more. A perfect package of full features with no cost.

Top five best selfie apps for Windows:

Whether you're looking for a simple software to recolor an image or a professional-grade programme for use in the creative sector, there's an app for you.

application if you need selfies taken from your Windows to be flawless. here are our best 5 Selfie Applications for Windows.

1. Lumia Selfie

Lumia Selfie is the best window app for the selfie lovers. This app comes pre-loaded in windows phone. Every windows user must be already aware with this app since this app is one of such apps which are free plus provide best features.

This app possesses all the qualities which a good app should have like effects, skin toning, eye color changes etc. If you are a windows phone user, do try this app once. I assure you,  you will have a good experience.

2. Create A Perfect Selfie

Create a selfie app is one of the best selfie apps available for windows. It provides various features like whiten teeth, reshaping facial expression, removes the unclear portion of your body and provides a good looking picture. Moreover, it assures you to get a good quality picture without distorting the pixels.

But, the one feature it lacks is, it’s not FREE. But, that’s not a big problem, if you have a budget in your pocket. And if you are a true selfie lover, then you must give this app a shot.

3. Intellicam

It’s an intelligent app using face and voice recognition technology. It’s one of the best apps of its kind. It allows us to take photos without using our hands. It integrates with the phone’s inbuilt camera and allows to take multiple photos without even touching our phone.

Moreover,  it includes ‘Auto-Snap’ feature which is an intelligent feature as its name suggests. It takes photos periodically when it recognises the face. This app is only available for windows phone is not a free app.

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4. Headshot

Headshot is a great app for windows users. It allows us to click better pictures automatically without pressing the click button. It’s an absolutely free app which asks us no price and provides best features.

It posses multiple face mode which is a good feature for those who wants to click group selfies. Plus it has an extraordinary feature of assuring best clicks by telling you how to rotate your camera so that your head is in the right place.

5. PicMix

PicMix is one of the best free apps available for windows users. It is basically a collage app which allows you to add multiple photos in fancy frames, add attractive effects, and add the caption as per the need.

This app supports social photo sharing. It means you can share your pictures directly via the app. In short, Its a feature rich app with no cost. I think it can be given a try.

Top five best selfie apps for IPhone:

There are endless selfie apps available on the internet, but it can be tough to decide which one is the right one for you. Different types of filters, makeup effects, and stickers will make your selfies ten times better than they were before, Now know the best selfie apps for iPhone. 

1. GoCam

GoCam is one of the very first touchless photo taking apps. It allows us to take photos without even touching our phone. The best part is, it supports taking photos from up to 3 meters, which is a considerable distance and very useful feature for those who loves to take group selfies.

Also, it offers video making facility. Other features offered by GoCam includes touch-up, sharing photos on socials direct via the app and clicking photos with just hand gesture without touching the phone.

2. CamMe

CamMe is one of the best selfie apps available to click the best selfie that too for free. It offers various features like a photo booth, means you can take several photos sequentially just like a classic photo booth machine.

Besides, It also provides the FunShot facility, means enhance pictures with a library of fun scenes and locations, which you can use to edit your pictures. Along with these, social sharing and enhanced gallery are few more features offered by CamMe making it a perfect selfie app.

3. Picr

Picr is indeed one of the best apps for IOS users. This app offers the various extraordinary feature which differentiate it from other apps. One of them is, it allows you to make documentaries by clicking pictures daily and making a movie out of it.

Apart from this, it also provides best video editing tools. By which you can add effects, background music, captions pf your choice and can share them on social media. Not only this, you can set alarm or reminders for taking the pictures.

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4. Selfie Cam

Selfie Cam is a great app for taking the best selfie by just using your thumb. It’s a feature rich app which offers features like editing the photo by using various photo editing tools like frames, stickers, effects and more. Also, it uses face recognition techniques, with the help of this you can now activate the timer, just by smiling into the camera.

The list of features doesn’t end here. It also provides the facility of sharing the photos on different platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter right from the app.

5. Facetune: Best selfie editing app

Facetune2 is the most popular selfie editing app in the world, with over 160 million downloads. Facetune2 allows you to edit any selfie in a matter of seconds! Facetune2 is the most powerful selfie editor available on any device.

Facetune2 is Best Selfie Editing in 2021, and the latest version of the award-winning Facetune app, with a brand-new, incredible range of professional retouching tools.

6. Selfie Photo Editor

Selfie Photo Editor app is another free app for IOS users. It offers various features like skin whitening, countdown timer, enhancing eyebrows, adding eye shadow, enhancing your hairs, shrinking nose and lots more.

This app is a little tricky to use but hold various features which other selfie apps don’t. So, once you learn to operate it, it can be one the best choices.

More often trends come and Go. But, the selfie trend is something, which is just increasing more by the time. Whether its common people, celebrities or great politicians, selfies are the trend for all. This is the reason many big companies are coming up with different products like selfie sticks and app developers are developing apps to provide best selfies.

Social media whether it is facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or any other, every social platform is full of selfies. This is the reason I’ve rounded up this post. I hope this post Top 15 best selfie apps for Android, IOS, And Windows will add some value to selfie lovers.

Do let me now your reviews on how did you like the post. Also, if you know any other app for taking best selfies, don’t forget to add it into the comments.