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How To Check Windows 10 Compatibility for Your PC

Lately launched window 10 is getting mix reviews by its users. Some are finding it awesome and some are not very pleasant with the new edition in the windows world. In case you are thinking to upgrade your old windows, to the newly launched windows 10, here is the guide to check windows 10 compatibility for your PC.

How To Check Windows 10 Compatibility for Your PC
How To Check Windows 10 

Windows 10 is a give away to the users of windows 7 and windows 8 by Microsoft. The users of windows 7 and windows 8 can upgrade their system to windows 10. The validity of the use is for one year. That too without spending a single penny.

But, all of the systems not necessarily support windows 10. So, to check whether your system i.e. computer, Android or tablet is Windows 10 compatible, I have written this guide. Let’s quickly move to the system requirements of the computer or tablets, to make it to the windows 10 compatible. 

How To Check Windows 10 Compatibility for Your PC

Here are some system requirements, which you need to check if you wish to upgrade your windows, to windows 10.

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1. Processor:

For your system to run windows 10 successfully, you need to have a windows 10 compatible processor. A processor of 1 gigahertz (GHz), or faster or SoC (system on a chip) is required for a system to run windows 10 smoothly.

2. Latest OS:

As I said earlier, windows 10 is a give away to windows 7 and 8 users. Systems, which has the latest version of windows, that is windows 7 or 8, can run windows 10 without any problem.

If you don’t know, which OS are you running, you can find out by clicking here.

3. RAM:

If you have 32-bit Operating System running, you need to have at least 1 gigabyte (GB) of memory. And, if your operating system is 64-bit, RAM of your system should be 2 GB minimum.

4. Hard disk space:

Like RAM, Hard disk space varies according to your operating system. Hard disk space should be more if your OS is 64-bit, compare to 32-bit OS. Minimum Hard disk space for the 32-bit operating system is 16 GB and for 64-bit OS its 20 GB.

5. Graphics card:

To run windows 10 uncluttered in your system, you need to have Graphics DirectX 9 or more version with WDDM 1.0 driver.

6. Display:

Display of you system also has a minimum requirement for your system to be windows 10 compatible. If you are supposed to upgrade your PC to windows 10, do check if it has a screen of 8 inches or more, with a minimum resolution of 800 x 600 pixels.

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Once you check all the system requirements in your PC, you can upgrade your system to windows 10. Windows 10 is all free to use for one year. Remember, do check these system requirements, before trying to upgrade your PC. If you will try your hands without the check of system requirements, possibilities are, your system will get hanged or slow down.

How to check windows 10 compatibility for Your PC, is the precise guide, which will tell you about the major requirements for your PC to make it to the windows 10 compatible.