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How To Stop Unwanted Pop-ups and Malware in Google chrome

Gone are the days, when we used to rely on books to look for information, Real life friends to pass our time and phone calls to connect with our friends. All these things have been replaced by the Internet now. Real life friends have been replaced by online friends, phone calls have been replaced by chatting/ voice/ video calling and so on.

How To Stop Unwanted Pop-ups and Malware in Google chrome

But, what if the internet we are so used to, get attacked by the web vulnerabilities?  Stop unwanted pop-ups and malware in Google chrome is one such article, which helps you to resolve the issues when your network is infected with adware, malware or other such web Infections.

Recently, I went through a problem in my system. Which bothered me so hard that I couldn’t even work on my computer for many days. The problem was, Whenever I was clicking on any link or websites, Unwanted pop-ups and ads were opening up in the new tabs. And I was redirected to other websites. Which was obviously annoying and were reducing my work capability.

Somehow, I managed to overcome the issue and get rid of the problem. So, I thought why not to write an article on “How To Stop Unwanted Pop-ups and Malware in Google chrome“. Maybe one of you is also facing the same situation. Initially, I thought the problem is with my system or Google Chrome only. I tried every possible option. Which included-

  • Scanning my computer, fearing the problem is due to viruses.
  • I uninstalled my Chrome then re-installed it, thinking the problem might me with Google Chrome.
  • Tried various advertisements cleaner. Thought the computer might be infected with the Adware.

But, when the problem persisted, I did a solution which helped me to fix the problem with my computer. What I did ‘How To Stop Unwanted Pop-ups and Malware in Google chrome’ article is all about.

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Symptoms of the Problem:

The problem I was suffering was due to the malware attack in my system. Which I came to know about later, in order to look for the solution. The symptoms that your system is infected with a malware are as follows:

  • While clicking on any link, you will be redirected to other tabs which show ads. i.e “”, “” etc.
  • You will be forced to download software which, are not needed by your system.
  • Unfamiliar toolbar or extensions are added to your browsers.
  • All the devices or computers connected to your network gets affected with the same problem.
  • Your home page gets changed to a site which you have never even visited.

If you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned symptoms, it means your system is infected with malware. And you quickly need to remove them from your system. For this, you need “stop unwanted pop-ups and malware” guide to fix the issue.

Guide To Stop Unwanted Pop-ups and Malware in Google Chrome:

If your system is infected with malware and you are suffering the above issues. Then, you quickly need to follow the below guide “stop unwanted pop-ups and malware”. The guide consists of two steps. First one is to identify the programs, which are infected with malware and to remove them. And, second is to reset your browser to regain your previous settings.

Step1. Remove the Infected Program

To Stop Unwanted Pop-ups and Malware in Google Chrome, firstly you need to remove the program which consists Malware. It is possible, that you don’t know the program exactly and It has been installed to your system by mistake.

In order to Stop Unwanted Pop-ups and Malware in your system, you will have to remove that malicious programs. If you can’t find the program, download and run the software removal tool in your system. This software searches your system for malicious program and removes them.

Download Software Removal Tool

Once you download the software and run it. Your computer system will be scanned by this software. If there is any Malware present in your system, it will be detected by this software. I found one malware when I run the software removal tool. Once you find the Infected programs, you can remove them with the help of this software.

Step2. Reset Your Browser’s Setting

After removal of malware infected programs, from your system, you need to reset you browser’s settings. To do that, follow the below step by step procedure.

  • Click on the Google Chrome menu. Situated on the top right corner of the window.
  • Go to settings.
  • In the setting window, click on “show advanced settings”. Located on the bottom of the page.
  • On clicking show advanced settings, you will see an option called “Reset settings”.
  • Click on Reset settings. A dialog box will show up. Click on reset.
  • That’s it. You are done now.

This is a very simple guide for removing malware from your system. Which hardly take 10-15 minutes. But, in the lack of guidance, even simple things seems cumbersome. After getting annoyed for many days, I managed to find this solution. Which actually worked for me. Let’s see how it works for you.

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If you seeing consistent ads while clicking anywhere in your browser, and you are redirected to other tabs. It means your system is infected with programs which consist malware. It is a big problem for those, who has to work on the internet every day.

I myself have gone through the problem recently. It causes the reduction in the work capability and I end up getting annoyed. The above guide on How to Stop Unwanted Pop-ups and Malware has proved a true help to me. Hope it will work for you as well.

Do let me know If you liked our guide on ‘How To Stop Unwanted Pop-ups and Malware in Google chrome’ via comments. and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and relatives. Maybe they are also suffering from the same issue.