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Making The Most Of Your Potential Starts By Reading This Article

Every individual is different. They are different and unique not just in looks and behavior, but also innate talent and the circumstances that he finds himself in after being born. The upbringing and the environment that an individual has in their life decides to a great extent the future and success or lack of it. It is like a rubber band in your hands.

Making The Most Of Your Potential Starts By Reading This Article

It has a lot of potential to expand and reach its limits without breaking down. The same is the case with every human being. All of us are born with some innate talents and also have capabilities that do not come to the fore because they are either not identified or do not get encouragement and guidance the way they should. It all boils down to realizing one’s true potential first before one can take steps to make the most of this potential.

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Ever Heard The Story Of The Eagle Who Believed He Was A Chicken

There was a baby eagle once upon a time who somehow got dropped in the midst of a few chickens hatched by a hen. She mistook her to be one of her own babies and raised her alongside her chickens. The baby eagle behaved and did what the rest of the chickens did all day long. She was no different from the rest of her siblings even though she was stronger and bigger than them. An eagle saw her one day and wondered why she was crawling when she could soar into the skies with the help of her wings. To his query, the baby eagle replied that she cannot fly because she is a chicken.

Though he had wings, he did not learn to use them to fly as he believed he was a chicken and destined to crawl on the ground. This story tells us what circumstances and upbringing can do to most of us in terms of unrealized and untapped potential.

Human Beings Are Equipped With Power To Reason

However, there are many experts who do not agree with this theory of holding luck or circumstances responsible for everything that happens in the lives of the individuals. They refuse to buy the explanation that only the blade of grass or the plant that receives the proper amount of soil, water, and sunlight at proper time grow right and big. They are of the opinion that human beings have the power of thinking and they can reason. 

Read more: Making The Most Of Your Potential Starts By Reading This Article

They cite examples of many great people who defied all odds and emerged successful in their chosen fields. The examples of great sportsmen, business tycoons, and political leaders who beat all odds to become champions are proof enough to convince people that it is only a matter of realizing one’s true potential after finding it out.

What Is The Potential That You Have?

It is not enough to say that all of us are born with varying degrees of potential in various fields and identification, guidance, and training can unearth and help in blooming of this potential. If this had been true, making successful businessmen, leaders, and players would have been as easy as simply planting seeds and giving them equal opportunities to grow and flower. It has to be realized that every single human being is different and unique and has different capabilities as well as dreams. One has to find out about his own passions and dreams to be able to know in which direction to travel. Do not fall in the tap of any one can become anything he desires. There is only one Muhammad Ali and one Michael Phelps and the rest can only admire and wonder about their amazing achievements.

It Is A Matter Of Honing The Potential That Has Been Identified

It is true that you cannot replicate the success of a champion footballer or a banker but you can certainly get inspired and make sincere efforts to shine in your chosen field. But before this takes place, it is very important to work upon your hidden potential to be aware of your dreams and passion. Once you know your goals and what you want to achieve in your life, it becomes easier for you to start making efforts in that direction. You can get mentors and coaches in every field whether it is sports, business, music, movies, and so on. Once a coach is convinced that he has seen the talent and the hidden spark in your eyes, he will help you in realizing your true potential provided you are ready to work hard according to his instructions.

Stanford Brain Institute says that most of us utilize only 2% of the potential of our brains. This is when we consider ourselves, intelligent and talents and also successful to some extent. Imagine what one can do if he is able to make use of 30-40% of the potential of his brain? This ability to maximize potential and to make its use is what separates geniuses and extraordinarily successful people from the ordinary ones. Yes, attaining great heights in life and being very successful can be very hard and demanding but you cannot expect success to knock on your doors when you are not ready to work hard and make sacrifices. Change your habits and lifestyle and you will see that reaching your true potential is not all that difficult. People have done it before you, and there will always be more people identifying and realizing their true potential.

The first step towards realizing your true potential is to be aware of your passions, things you are innately good at and also things that you love to do. Some people discover their qualities instinctively while for others it is a tedious process that requires services of teachers and other experts who have been trained to unearth hidden talent among pupils and students. Once talent has been spotted, it is matter of honing and polishing it under the watchful eyes of teachers and experts.

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