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Top 10 Apps For Small Scale Business Entrepreneurs

Haven’t you been trying to make your Business stable in the Market, even though it is a small scale one?

Just because you have a small scale business doesn’t mean that you don’t have to put big efforts to make it work; in fact, small scale industries have to work harder to get renowned in the market and then eventually grow in their size.

Top 10 Apps For Small Scale Business Entrepreneurs
Top Apps For Small Scale Business

One thing that small scale businesses need to do is find ways in which they can stabilize their tasks; once their processes and tasks are stable, there is no turning back for their business.

So how do you stabilize a specific business? With the help of business tools! But there are times when you can’t carry your business tools everywhere because some of them don’t work on remote devices; this is exactly why business apps have been designed.

Top 10 Apps For Small Scale Business Entrepreneurs

Here are the Top 10 Apps For Small Scale Business Entrepreneurs that you must have for the sake of a better small scale business:

1. MS Office For Mobile Phones

Have you been using MS Office on your computer or laptop only? If you want to scribble notes for that upcoming meeting or want to check excel sheets of your financial reports, you have got to use this app on your cell phone. The good thing about this app is that it is absolutely free and thus, you don’t have to invest any money in it. You can use it for as long as you want and just the way you want.

Download MS Office For Mobile Phones

2. CISCO WebEx Meetings

This app has been designed for Android, Blackberry, and iOS cell phone users; no matter where you are, you can be a part of any meeting. It is just like Skype, but much more professional than that. You can join all the web conferences that you, otherwise, have to miss when you are not around the place. Not only can you see the people at the conference, but also they can see you!


  • Screen sharing from your device.
  • Web conferencing on Wi-Fi or 3G/4G/5G.
  • View shared content.
  • View and chat with members.
  • Full-screen video and presentation view.
  • High-quality, multipoint video with camera switcher.
  • Auto Connect Audio (Call-In, Call Back, Call using the Internet).
  • Callback to your video mode via address.

Download CISCO WebEx Meetings

3. Evernote

Evernote is one of best mobile apps for small business. When you attend meetings or become a part of any conference, you exchange your business cards with so many people out there; as you go back home, you realize that your pocket is full of such cards. Managing this data is difficult and thus, Evernote is an app wherein you can take pictures of the cards in your hands and connect with people on LinkedIn… doesn’t it sound cool already? More than 1.5 million cards have been scanned on this app till date!

Download Evernote

4. TripIT Travel Organizer

Traveling is a part of any business, especially if your business is new. This means that you have to take care of so many things because traveling is not an easy task. For how long will you be dependent upon your assistant and what if you don’t have one? If you want to plan your trip in a good way, this is the app that your cell phone MUST HAVE.


  • You can access your Travel Plans using your phone, tablet, computer or wearable device anytime you want.
  • You can easily share particular plans or your entire plan with anyone.
  • You can Sync TripIt with your Google calendar, so your travel plans displayed beside other meetings or proceedings.

Download TripIT Travel Organizer

5. Mint: Budget, Bills, Finance

Your Personal Finance Manager: Mint Android app is one of the best Small Scale Business Entrepreneurs App. is an app that simplifies your tasks to track down all the expenses that you make. You get to work on a dashboard, which means that you can understand where you have been spending all that money in your business and how. The budget can be then taken care of in a much effective way since you are sure about where the money is coming from and where it is going out

6. Square Register

The name of this app may confuse you, but it provides you with something that the other apps don’t – Square Register allows you to manage your business from any part of the world – it accepts credit cards with the help of a free card reader. Since it is a free tool for small scale businesses, most of the business owners use it to have the funds transferred into their accounts.


  • You can accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.
  • You can send receipts via email or text messages.
  • You can customize your Products with photos, names, and also Price.
  • You can send and track Invoices from your phone
  • You can track Inventory in real time.
  • Customers can pay, tip, and sign right on your phone.

Download Square Register

7. Trello

How do you manage the content of your business? Do you use a specific app? If you don’t, then this is the content management app that you need. You can create any list and update people about any changes you have created for a particular project. You create cards and assign people to them just like you assign people to different projects in your organization.

Download Trello

8. WhatsApp

Who doesn’t know about this app? If you have a cellphone, this is a must-have app for you not only because it lets you exchange messages, calls and video calls for free, but also because it is an incredible app for your business. You can promote yourself, create groups of your clients and do other such out of the box stuff with the help of this app, which is nothing more or less than a ‘messenger.’

Download WhatsApp

9. Pocket

There are times when you come across something incredible, but have absolutely no time to read it. Pocket ensures that you save important videos, articles or whatever you want to put into your ‘pocket’ by storing it on your cell phone. This is the app that can help you with all the things that are there on social networking websites and are important for your business in all the ways you think they are. Good news? It’s free!

Download Pocket

10. Eternity Time Log

This is no ordinary app that can be used by anyone just like that; if you have the business, this is the app that your cell phone has got to have. It divides your day into three parts – work time, play time and sleep time. You can track all the time that you spend in doing different things and then label each category so that you know which activity is taking more than required time.

Download Eternity Time Log

All the above-mentioned apps have been designed to give the best services to you and make your life easier, as a Small Scale Business Entrepreneur. Some of these apps may not have been specially designed for business owners, but they are popularly used for promoting and managing small businesses.

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