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Top 10 Apps to Find Trending Topics on The Web – Android/iOS

Best Apps to Find Trending Topics on The Web – What’s Your favorite way to kill spare time? Hover over social medias? Pressing PlayStation control buttons? Chewing popcorns sitting in front of Home theater set? Well, there can be a  list of ideas to spend our free times. But, most of them sounds a bit overdated today. Overdated in the sense of old stuff and ordinary.

Top 10 Apps to Find Trending Topics on The Web

If you are a fan of social media sites, loves to stay connected with people, interested in current trends, and willing to discover the world every day with trending topics, you are the right person reading this post.

Admit it, you have a very less knowledge of what’s ging on out there even though you are always connected to the Internet. A lot of things to be discovered yet. I am not talking about the past, nor the future. You got to be mesmerized just by catching what’s in the current trending news.

What’s Your Trending Topic Today?

No matter what kind of topics keeps you sharp, from spicy Hollywood gossips to the outer space discovery, humorous jokes or belly-craving GIFs, modern Gadgets or wonders of nature; there a lot more fantabulous stuff you can keep up with your days rather than chatting strangers on the Facebook.

And, of course, you don’t have to search the pieces of trending on Internet one by one. There are things that won’t even knock your head by itself. But, once you get into some of the sites, you will be fed with tons of trending news, trending hashtags, trending videos, and more trending topics that are rolling the web over.

The best part, these websites has their own official Apps for Android and iOS holders. And, this post is all about Apps to Find Trending Topics over the Virtual world of Internet. Eventually, chatting with friends on social media sites, playing video games, or watching movies are not the only way to give your spare times a spicy touch.

Top 10 Best Apps to Find Trending Topics on The Web – Android/iOS

The Web does not exclude your social media contents. I have referred these apps as the best app to find trending topics on the Web. I meant to provide a complete list of the convenient apps that will feed you all kind of web contents currently in hot gossips.

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1: StumbleUpon

This is an App that feeds you information about anything you can imagine so far. You don’t need to type and search a particular topic to find what’s trending now. StumbleUpon has it all. The site bears a huge database of world class info, and the App is the shortcut coast to dive into the virtual ocean called StumbleUpon.

In this vast ocean of Info, you will find trending videos, Funny GIFs, Entertaining articles, Trending News, Memes, Tips for Travels, Arts pieces, delicious recipes, Health/Fitness tips, Inspiring Quotes and more pieces of trending now from around the world!

The feature that makes StumbleUpon more interesting is that it lets you share your discoveries with your friends and families. You can follow other members or your friends in the StumbleUpon community, or you can share your favorite contents via Twitter, Facebook, Emails, even SMS.

  • Cost: Free
  • Available: Android, iOS

2: BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is my second top pick among the Best Apps to Find Trending Topics on The Web. The App covers almost every kind of trending topics that are available on the Internet. Quizzes and the hot stories buzzing on social sites, the trending news you from around the world, life tips, delicious recipes, and much more pieces of stuff you never knew you needed.

To be mentioned here, every inevitable discovery you made in BuzzFeed can be shared with your friends and families via Facebook, SMS, Email, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

The trending section of the App will lead you to the contents that are going viral over the web. The push notification feature is convenient to keep you updated about the trending topics even when you are offline.

  • Cost: Free
  • Available: Android, iOS

3: Reddit Official App

Another one of the most reliable Apps to Find Trending Topics over the Web is the Reddit. Reddit is an old Beast. It is a well-recognized site. But, it was not available in the App format. As you now freely download the official App of Reddit, imagine what you can get from it. Reddit is a community-based site where millions of members from around the world get together to share amazing stuff.

Reddit is the biggest platform where you can pin the trending news, trending videos, interesting articles, funny images, and much more. The huge database of Reddit covers all kind of Trending topics you can think of.  You may join the various communities of your taste.

Reddit App has been improved over the time with its each latest updates. Thus, any kind of issue is fixed the Team Reddit, making the App even better. What makes Reddit the best is it covers the contents of all the other great platforms like Twitter, Quora, Imgur, Tumblr, 9GAG, and more!

  • Cost: Free
  • Available: Android, iOS

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4: 9GAG TV – Best Funny Videos

Well diving into a particular topic, if you are looking for Trending Videos of all time, 9GAG TV is the place you must land on. The App updates the Trending videos on a daily basis and provides free to watch or download. No, you don;t have to filter any video as all of the Video contents are best ones. You may sit back, relax, and enjoy the trending contents 9GAG TV has to show you.

9GAG TV covers various videos of different themes like Funny pet videos, awesome cover of hit songs, hilarious video Ads, animations,  tips and tricks, and much more.

The video streaming has no end, and you will never run out of the great contents. Your favorite contents can be shared with your friends, or remove from your list if you wish.

  • Cost: Free
  • Available: Android, iOS

5: Imgur: Awesome Images & GIFs

If you are more into awesome Trending images and GIFs rather than Trending Videos, Imgur is all set to make your day, every day. Here is a vast database full of mind-blowing images and funny GIFs that are driving the web in chaos.

Apart from the entertaining pictures and GIFs, Imgur covers heartwarming stories, science facts that can blow your mind, adorable pictures of pets and wild animals, and so much more.

All of these contents are uploaded, by millions of Imgur members from around the world. The best and viral ones are upvoted and presented to you o the top. Imgur also lets you search for particular Trending topic you are interested in.

  • Cost: Free
  • Available: Android, iOS

6: Twitter

Twitter is much more than a social media platform. It is a medium to get connected with people from every corner of the planet Earth. Keeping your eyes on what’s happening around the world, from Entertainment to a Breaking News, from Politics to Sports, from daily interest to a certain big event, everything is available right at your hand palm.

Track down the topics that sparks gossips. You don’t have to rely on other sites to dive into the info of any incidents. Twitter lead you to the genuine source via live footages and trending videos.

Twitter is a convenient platform to interact with the residents in any pole of the world. You can share your own great stuff regarding GIFs, images, videos, or just a phrase. Everything on the Twitter is getting on the top Trending.

  • Cost: Free
  • Available: Android, iOS

7: Tumblr

Anything interesting going on out there, you will find that on Tumblr. And, once if it’s on Tumblr, it gets viral just like that. So, whatever the thing is, Tumblr keeps all the trending news and topics. The never ending entertaining items must keep you awake late night. Trust me; you may even forget the word “Bore.”

What kind of contents Tumblr brings to you? Funny GIFs, thug videos, audio, text, everything! Whatever your taste is, Tumblr lets you get started with all kind of stuff is has such as Music, Comedy, Art, Design, Philosophy, Science, Politics, Sports, anything you can imagine.

Well, you won’t be getting messed with Tumblr’s large stored contents. You can always navigate to the trending topic you are interested in by searching for it. You may perhaps want to hover over several categories such as What’s Popular, Weird, Interesting, Wonderful, etc.

  • Cost: Free
  • Available: Android, iOS

8: 9GAG: Best LOL Pics & GIFs

Don’t underestimate this 9GAG version with its position in the list. This is one of the most reliable Apps to Find Trending Topics on the Internet. 9GAG’s this version is even better that the 9GAG TV. It covers most of the fascinating stuff. Get the 9GAG App installed in your Smartphone for free. However, In-App purchase is available to it.

Access to the vast database of reaction GIFs, hilarious pics, gaming, anime & manga, funny memes, movie & TV shows, and most viral videos. Trending contents in the 9GAG are updated in every second.

You can join the 9GAG community and take your fun time a social touch through commenting, upvoting, and sharing. This one App is the door to the Entertainment world where you will find all kind of Trending contents and more.

  • Cost: Free with In-App Purchase
  • Available: Android, iOS

9: Pinterest

Pinterest is much more than just an Entertaining App. This is a world of creativity where you can find much mesmerizing stuff that is at the current trend. Pinterest will keep you updated with new ideas of everyday task. Pick the ideas that are in trend and try executing them your own.

Pinterest lets you collect your own interest. You can grab the trending topics that are followed by the most.

You can join the members of Pinterest after signing up with your Google account or Facebook account.

  • Cost: Free
  • Available: Android, iOS

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10: Quora

Quora is a bit different from the other Apps I have included in the list of best Apps to Find Trending Topics on The Web. It won’t feed you with funny GIFs or videos. But, this is the most reliable platform to grab info about anything that is possibly discovered by Human being.

You can ask anything in the Quora and professionals will be answering your queries. Let’s made up your question “What are the most trending topic on the Web?” Quora has the answer.

You can read other members questions and answers or make your own question which will be replied to by other Quora members. Experts like Astronauts, Actors, Police Officers, Lawyers, and more are willing to answers your questions.

  • Cost: Free
  • Available: Android, iOS


It was not only about killing your annoying spare time. When entertainment provides you enough knowledge and ideas to change your lifestyle, stepping towards future with the modern generation, no harm to give a try to that right? As I have mentioned several times throughout my article, all these apps listed here are loaded with tons of fun and entertaining stuff.

Keep your eyes on the current trending topics, trending news, trending videos, and more, using these convenient Apps. With these best Apps to Find Trending Topics, I hope your days are going to get better.

Now, in case you are missing it, there are two Smartphone Games Pokemon Go & Mini Militia currently driving the world crazy and in the top Trending Now List. And, if your best way to spend spare time is watching movies or listening to music, I won’t say that are any bad idea.