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Top 10 Best Screen Lock Apps For Android 2021

Do you keep your phone locked?? I’m sure you do. Check out the list of top 10 best screen lock apps for android in 2021.

If you are an android lover, you must know how important is to keep our phone safe. Over time, android has become far more than a device to just make and receive calls. We now keep our photos to videos, important documents to games, contacts to everything important in our android devices.

Top 10 Best Screen Lock Apps For Android 2021
Best Screen Lock Apps For Android

In short, we can say android phones have become more important to us than anything! And I don’t need to say that we try our best to keep our phone safe and secure. The very first security step we take to keep our phone safe and secure is to use a screen locker and lock android screen. Thanks to the android developers that we have inbuilt app locker for android.

Though we have inbuilt android locker app but we often feel bored to see the same screen multiple times a day. Since screen lock is the first screen we meet with whenever we touch our phone! So, if you are also bored with the same Android screen and wants a change, then probably this article is for you! Here, I’ve compiled a list of 10 best screen lock apps for android.

The list contains all the best lock screen app for android. Let’s see what are those best lock screen apps for android I’m talking about!

(If you lock your phone and forget its password, you can refer to our article on How to unlock and reset lock pattern on android device.)

Top Best Screen Lock Apps For Android:

There are a millions of free and premi00um apps available on google play store. Most of them are free and some of them are paid. (did you read our guide on how to get paid apps for free??).

Before we’ve written on best free selfie apps, best wallpaper apps and today, we’ve compiled a list of the best lock screen app for android and tablet. Let’s get to the list!

1. C-Locker

This is one of the best screen lock ever. This app provides various screen lock interface, and users also can change screen lock wallpapers with the help of this app. It has three different interfaces to unlock the device – Classic unlock, Bubble unlock and Scroll up unlock which are so interesting. It is compatible with android version 2.3+. We can set different wallpapers for Home Screen or Lock Screen. This app is simple to use and gives the best experience of unlocking your phone.

2. AcDisplay

AcDisplay is the new way of handling notifications. This app has a great decent and beautiful design and an awesome experience of unlocking. It will let you know about the new notifications in a small and beautiful screen and allow you to open it directly from the lock screen. This screen lock has Active Mode which uses the device’s sensor to wake up your device when you need. When you move your hand over the sensor while the screen is locked, the device will automatically wake up.

3. Locker Master

Locker Master is also one of the best Screen Lock apps ever. This Screen Lock contains many beautiful and animated themes depend on your mood like Feeling Exited theme, Lonely theme and much more. You can download any of theme you want. This app is able to show unread SMS or notifications on your lock screen, and it also allows third party apps notifications like (Facebook, Whats App, Google+ etc.). It supports 2k+ high resolution and the best feature is that you can create your own theme by DIY editor. Locker Master is available in many different languages. I thing it is the best-animated lock screen app.

4. Dodol locker

Dodol Locker is an awesome screen locker app which allows you to decorate your screen as you want. It has the world’s most beautiful themes with high quality and high resolution. You can use different unlock methods like Pattern lock or Pin lock. This Locker is easy to use and compatible with all the android versions [more than 2.3 (Ginger Bread)]. This lock never stops at any reason. It is fast and smooth. Themes of this Locker are all free and easy to download. So change your boring screen lock to Dodol Locker and enjoy its awesomeness.

5. Alarm Anti Theft Screen Lock

Alarm Anti Theft Screen Lock is the best app for your phone’s security. If someone takes your phone and try to look at your personal data and Alarm Anti Theft Screen Lock is enabled then your phone’s screen will immediately start blinking with a loud sound of the police siren and starts vibrating which make the person desist from taking your phone. It contains different alarm tones and it is also a good screen lock too.

6. Cover Lock Screen (beta)

Cover Lock Screen (beta) is the best screen lock app for busy people who doesn’t have time to unlock phone and follow the silly steps to open an app. This app allows you to open any application from your lock screen. A list of all applications is shown on the lock screen and just select the application you want and slide it, then that application will be automatically run and  your phone’s screen is unlocked by sliding the app to the screen. This is a brilliant android lock screen app, its performance is impressive and it is easy to use and very smooth and fast app.

7. Dashclock Widget

Dashclock Widget is a home screen clock widget for android 4.2+ and the lock screen of this app is supported on android 4.3-4.4. This app is a very useful app as it shows your current weather on your lock screen, missed calls and unread messages and notifications, your next scheduled alarm. It also exposes additional status items called extensions. In all it is a good app to be considered.

8. Echo notification lock screen

Echo notification lock screen is a fast and smooth screen lock app specially for notifications, This app shows all the notifications which beep on your smartphone. It is very easy to install and use, it has a very cool lock screen design, you can set a wallpaper for your home screen and lock screen. You can also control music from your lock screen. This app is downloaded by 57,991 users, have 4.2 ratings.

9. GO Locker

Go locker is one of the best screen lock, it has many special features in comparison of any other screen lockers like it you can set switches o the left side of the screen and you can also clean the running apps to speed up your phone, this app will fully protect your phone, it has a large number of themes, shows all the notifications on screen, it is a highly -recommended security, stability and compatibility. It is fast and easy to use.

10. Picturesque

Picturesque screen lock will make your screen lock lively, in this screen lock, you can track cricket scores from the locked screen. It has a special feature of a search bar from which you can find every app, contact, favorites and bookmarks from the lock screen. As it is a screen lock, it will fully protect your phone from being misused, as it has a pattern lock, pin lock and password lock. You can also control the music player from your lock screen, like all screen lockers it also shows notifications on the lock screen. It is a fast and easy app.

So it was all about top 10 best screen lockers for android. I hop you liked the article and found it useful. If you have any queries and suggestion drop them in the comment section. Also, share this article on your social media platforms so that your friends and relatives can find them easily.