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Top 10 Clock Widgets For Android With Demo Screen Shots

What is best clock widgets for android 2022? A question that many followers of the "Tech diary basic" blog asked me, and today I decided to answer it in this article.

The best part of using an Android device is having the freedom of customization. From having customized launchers or home screens to customize themes, you can do it all on an Android-powered smartphones or tablets. The story doesn’t end here, if you want to, you can also customize the date and clock widgets for your Android smartphone.

Top 10 Clock Widgets For Android With Demo Screen Shots

Now there are many who are tired of using the stock Android widgets, so before you march into Play Store for getting a clock widget, please do check out this post, as we are going to list the top 10 clock widgets for Android smartphones and tablets.

Top 10 Clock Widgets List for Android:

Below is the best 10 Clock widget for android mobile free download.

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10. Neon Clock Widget

Neon Clock Widget is a good option for a clock widget, but it is worth mentioning that, as of now two version of it are available, one is a free version and the other is the full version, now as a starter, you can go with the free version.

However, if you are someone who likes to customize it all and wants to have full control of it, then you can go with the full version. The Neon Clock Widget Best clock widgets for android, For getting the full version, you just need to pay $ 1.04. The clock widget comes in Circle, Square & Hexagonal shape, other than displaying time, the clock widget also displays the date and a battery meter indicating the current percentage remaining of your battery and depending on the remaining battery, the color changes.

9. BobClockD3

The BobClockD3 clock widget is another good choice for a customizable clock widget. The good thing about this widget is that it also can work on older versions like Android Froyo, which is kind of rare and unique.

The application is completely free, and there are no in-app purchases required.  You can also change the colors, 12-hour or 24-hour time formats, lower and upper case formats, and also you can even increase or decrease the size of the widgets. The BobClockD3 widget  has a rating of 4.2 stars and has been downloaded more than 2 million times.

8. ClockQ

Like the Neon Clock Widget, ClockQ also comes in 2 options; one is the free version and the other is the Premium version. This clock widget works on Android v 4.0 and higher version. The premium version offers more customization and gives you more control, but the premium version is not directly available, so you need to install the free version of this app, and then upgrade to the Premium version if you want to. Apart from displaying date, time and battery percentage, the widget also displays weather info.

When it comes to customization, ClockQ is loaded with features, even with the free version you can get access to around 26 fonts, transparency option, it also comes in two different widget sizes, plus for further customization, there is also pre-installed editor, which allows you to change the size, rotate, the various widgets. Overall, the ClockQ have gotten a rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 stars, ClockQ clock widget for android free download.

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7. DIGI Clock Widget

If you are someone who likes to play with Fonts, Colors, then you are gonna love the DIGI Clock Widget. In addition to that, the DIGI Clock Widget also lets you do customization of background.

Another good thing about the Widget is that it’s completely free and doesn’t come with any kind of premium version or in-app purchases. clock widget for android with seconds, The only issue is that you can’t move this Widget to your external memory, no matter what version you are using. The widget also comes with 6 different sizes, and it also works perfectly on a tablet. Other than that, it also comes with 40 different types of fonts, plus, you can also set a background image for your clock widget, modify the transparency rate.

6. Digital Clock Widget Xperia

If you are a fan of Xperia smartphones and its custom Android skin, then you might also wanna check out this widget. clock widget android free, It is one of the most popular clock widget available in the Google Play Store, as of now, the application has been downloaded for more than 5 million times, which is very just remarkable.

digital clock widget android, Other than displaying time, date, the widget also displays weather info,  you can also set an alarm, and the widget also lets you change the language. Like most of the Widget, it also comes with a paid version, which you can unlock after installing the free version; the paid version of this clock widget allows you to more customization like changing fonts, display time and weather of different locations, and also display battery life info. Overall, the Digital Clock Widget is a good alternative over the stock Android clock widget.

5. UCCW Ultimate Clock Widget

UCCW Ultimate clock widgets for android phone. While we are on the subject of customization of clock widgets, it is worth highlighting the fact that, there is no other clock widget like UCCW, it’s the clock widget, which every Android user is going to like. The application is free to download but includes in-app purchases.

In-app purchases include various  clock widgets, battery meters, etc. One best features of this Widget is that it also lets you make your own custom widget, which is very exclusive. Other than displaying time, date, weather info, the Widget also comes with other objects like missed calls, SMS, Gmail, Hotspots, so basically, UCCW Ultimate Best clock widgets for android 12, UCCW not only lets you customize the clock widget, in addition, it also makes accessing other objects quite easy.

4. Dash Clock Widget

If you are thinking of getting a custom widget clock widget that does more than displaying android date and time widget, then please do consider checking out the Dash Clock Widget. The application might not  have many features like all the other widgets, but it’s pretty clean and stable.

The Dash Clock widget supports Android 4.2 and higher version. As far as size is concerned, then you would be happy to know that the size of this widget is just 1.9 MB. Other displaying clock, best clock weather widget android weather info, the widget also displays your alarms, text messages, Gmail alerts, missed calls, & next appointment or events. The Widget also works pretty well with the local calendar.

3. Analog Clock Widget

Analog analog clock widget for android, With the evolution of smartphones, nowadays, many people have stopped wearing analog watches and are now going with the new generation smart watches, but if you if you want to have the Analog clock experience on your smartphone then you might wanna check out the Analog Clock Widget. The app works on Android v 2.2 and higher version.

This Clock Widget is not like any other clock widget, we have come across and is one of its kind. The Widget is more of a Live Wallpaper, which includes analog clock mechanism including moving dials and gears. This clock widget also includes 54 clock faces but for getting access to those  you need to spend some more bucks as it includes in-app purchases, and comes with two different widget sizes, in addition, it also comes with an Alarm clock. Other than working on a smartphone, it also works fine to big screen size tablets.

2. Minimalistic Texts: Widgets

The Minimalistic Text is a dedicated widget that takes customizing clocks to another level. So if you like playing with customization then you are going to fall in love with it.

As mentioned before, the app comes offers a wide variety of customization, plus, it also supports around 30 different languages, which is remarkable. The editor of the app lets you edit several objects like the way you want to. For more customization, you can also download other objects using in-app purchases. Overall, the application has been downloaded more than 5 million times. The application requires a lot of permission to work properly, so if you don’t allow them the widget might not work properly, and if you are using Android v 6.0, you might need to manually check those permissions, because Android v 6.0 gives more control to the users.

1. Chronus: Home & Lock Widget

If you want to have custom clock widget, which is clean, looks beautiful and elegant then you have to try out the Chronous: Home & Lock Widget. Before going into further details, it is worth mentioning that the application has got a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5, which is superb. To use the application, you need to have Android 4.2 or higher OS running on your smartphone or tablet.

As of now, there is two version of this widget; one is the free  version and the other one is Pro version. The Pro version includes a lot more features and objects, for getting the Pro version there is no separate app available, so you need to first install the free version and then upgrade to the pro version. With the free version you will get built in RSS feed, Gmail notification, missed call alerts, Cyanogen Mod for Weather info, taskbar notifications, highlights of upcoming calendar events and much more.

Furthermore, if you upgrade to the pro version, then you will be able to download unlimited DashClock extension, set the background for the different widgets, customize other widgets, etc.

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Final thoughts

So, these were the some of the best Clock Widgets For Android smartphone and tablets, we hope you liked it, however, if you still have some doubts then feel free to let us know by dropping your comment section below. And if you found this post helpful, then please do consider sharing it on social media platforms.