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Keywords Vs profitable Keywords in Real Estate

The Power OF Keywords in Real estate

People talk about keywords in Real Estate or any other niche inside of the search engine optimization (SEO). Plainly ranking things on Google for people to see your brand or personal brand. When comes to SEO one of the first issues that comes up are differences in the two types of keywords that you should be targeting for SEO and I want to explain the difference between them.

Keywords Vs profitable Keywords in Real Estate

Many times people are just targeting the wrong keywords in Real Estate and not understanding the searchable terms and what kind of people are searching for those keywords. One of the main differences is people just searching for a particular keyword and in the next section I will talk about just keywords that people are searching for in Real Estate.

Browsing Keywords in Real Estate

Before getting going I want to say, there will be a video down below for a better understanding of the keywords and profitable keywords. There are many different ways to search for keywords and I usually use the Google planner for searchable keywords for my website.

  • Giving a basic list
  • Real estate in Miami
  • Miami Real Estate
  • real estate Miami FL
  • luxury Miami real estate

These type of keywords that people are just browsing the internet for either getting a quote of about how much something is or just window shopping on the internet. People love to look at things that cannot afford. Brings to the point these people are usually browsers that are not really looking to buy anything or they are not even motivated buyers. As you know it’s easier to sell something that they are already in the market to buy.

For instance, I was selling pancakes and was in an area of people that would only buy eggs I would be wasting my time and effort. Most people already know what they want and much easier to sell to them, without trying to pitch them. In the few sections, I will talking about profitable keywords and terms that people are looking for realtors.

Profitable Keywords

I will use the Miami Florida keywords and sick that area of real estate, since we have already establish that setting inside of real estate.

  • Luxury homes for sale in Miami- Searches a month 210
  • homes for sale in Miami- Searches month 3600
  • homes for sale in Miami FL- search a month 460
  • properties for sale in Miami– 90 search volume

I could go and give you a huge list of keywords in every single area and the point is the open up your eyes to the different types of keywords. These are people that have already made a buying decision on luxury homes or residential homes in your area and this goes for people renting also. By no means is this is all the keywords that you can target and they’re hundreds of different keywords. Everything single area is high competition, when comes to SEO.

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Finding a Realtor keywords

More and more people are looking to build a relationship with realtors and are looking through reviews for people that been in the industry awhile or just want a particular realtor. My wife does most of the searching for a new area homes and one thing is that, still is huge on reviews about a person or company. Making sure that you give you prospects a great experience with you and here are some of the terms that people are looking to find realtors.

  • Miami realtors- 1300 high
  • Realtor Miami- 2400 high
  • Miami realtor- 590 medium

Comes to how you that people are looking for realtors to work with and some people have given referrals. This means that people are still looking them up on the internet about your qualifications online recently just started working with a new client and seen that her qualifications was outstanding. All great reviews and high exceptions on customer service experience, I mean everything about her skills, and professionalism are high quality.

Everything up the discussion will be inside of the video and if you are like me, you would rather watch the video over reading a bunch of content.

Do you need more Traffic from Google?

As you might already know that I work with a real estate realtors, companies, agents. One thing you know is that helped them get on top of the Google search engine. I work with a selected few and only work with a particular professional in the industry.

Have to make at least 500k+ a year for the reason that I charge for $3500-$10,000 depending on the area and search volume of people in real estate. Not to mention that I custom SEO and not a Walmart of SEO; which seems to be the case of most SEO agencies these days and they offer SEO to anyone that would take their services.

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I make sure to generate profitable keywords and not just keywords and I will put basic keywords just to give a little more search volume. If, you rank in Google, you will rank in the other search engines!


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