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Real Estate Web Traffic: 70% Home Buyers Search internet First

More than 70 percent of homes buyers are searching the internet first according to a Trulia conversation. A lot of realtors/ agents found diverse statistics on the exact percentage of home buyers that are searching online first. It seems like most your real estate web traffic is going start online inside of search engines and asking for referrals is still a good strategy in real estate.

It’s safe to say as we move forward into 2017; more than 70% percent of home buyers are going start using digital technology for searching for their home purchases first. Which means you’re going have to learn the real estate digital marketing tactics, if you haven’t already started yet?

Today we’ll be giving way a few resources for real estate web traffic to your website for the best exposure and attracting the right kind of leads to your website.

Real Estate Web traffic Ideas

Driving traffic to your real estate website means that you that you’ll have proven strategies that work online for the getting solid real estate leads to your business and creating useful content for helping the end-user.

Social Media Traffic

While just about everyone is on social media and people are looking at articles “Study: 70% of Facebook users only read the headlines of stories before commenting.” What that really means is people are engaged from the headlines and not the article itself.

So, coming up with eye grab title for people to click to your website and join on your topic, but you want to entice people through your headline. Not that article itself isn’t important but you’ll want to draw them in through your engaging title.

Most people on the internet today are just sharing their ideas without any type of strategy through driving traffic to their blog post. Maybe you’re a realtor or agent that just shares new listings that coming to the market.

Five Samples of Link Building Strategies

  1. ·Get your customers to link to you
  2. ·Build a company blog; make it a valuable, informative, and entertaining resource
  3. ·Create content that inspires viral sharing and natural linking
  4. ·Be newsworthy

Link building and building your brand should be your #1 goal for this year for starting in the beginning of 2017. We all should be finding the best link building strategies and producing real estate web traffic helps with build multiple diverse links.

Search engine optimization Web Traffic

Inside of search engine optimization there are two basic strategies that are working within white hat and within black or grey hat strategies.

Guest posting is helpful for you to create more traffic and able to gain more natural links.


That’s not where you promotion should end with sharing on media and only hope the web Admin does all the work for you. Guest posting has 4 benefits and you’re next step should be reaching to people that wrote a similar article about the topic of your choice.

You’ll need to write them about the article without looking like a spammer and you want to look authentic when reaching out to the admin owner of the website. Same goes with reaching for guest posting on other blogs.

Should you buy cheap expired domains for your website?

While buying expired domains has been fawned upon, when it comes to ranking online through according to Google standards. Should everyone try to obey or should we test out the water for the best result for real estate web traffic and see what’s actually working.

This was one of my reasons for testing this strategy and seeing how effective the actual result from the traffic. In the end of the 2015, I created a brand new website and tested this strategy out for myself through creating an open network of Blog networks.

Meaning I am not hiding these websites, rather I am using them opening to see how effective the websites are through helping you rank inside of the serps. After a few months through testing against guesting & Expired domains.

Noticed that the expired domains are helps build more authority in trust to your website. Plus it ranks faster in Google. While white looks more natural but takes 2-4x longer to rank in the search engines.

My suggestion is testing this yourself…

A few things you’ll need to know how to do:

  • Build websites In WordPress
  • Buy Cheap Expired Domains
  • Buy social signals
  • Writing content or Buy Content services
  • Design a simple website
  • Adding Plugins
  • Maybe buying themes for making them look like real sites

Maybe you want to buy the website to use the link juice for the sure purpose of a 301 redirect and without having to start from scratch to build links. Of course you’re going need to build some links to your website to make that website relevant inside of Google.

Facebook advertising

Having a complete real estate digital marketing strategy for your business should be the goal for generating more traffic to your website. Facebook by far is the easiest way to start advertising and isn’t the only way to drive traffic through advertising.

You just have the ability to target your customers likes, and other content that their searching on. Imagine for a minute your target client is first time home buyers that love rock music, American Football, drink Budweiser beer bottles and reading business books.

Plus has 3 kids and drives luxury cars!

Now you know lot more about them than Google or Bing ads could ever do for your customer by knowing the exact people you want to work with.

Advertising cost are going be different for every industry in 2016 I pay about $1.50 per click on my website and notice clicks for clients are a more expensive.

Some area it’s $2.50 per click but you’ll want to look at the ROI in the long run for running the ads.

Examples down Below for setting up a basic Facebook Ad!

Next step is spilt testing your ads through running 3-5 ads and finding the best running ad for your web traffic. Nothing just guessing and you’ll need to know through testing which one is the best ad or ads to run for your daily budget.

Start your budget at $5 dollars a day and run that for about 3-7 days to receive accurate results for your marketing tests.

How about owning your web traffic online?

Owning your own Traffic

As we drive farther into the digital age and some realtors are still trying to catch up or hiring someone that knows how to run a digital marketing campaign. More home buyers through different generations are looking through online websites before even contacting a realtor or agent.

While 94 percent of millennials and 84 percent of baby boomers used online websites in their home search, only 65 percent of the Silent Generation – those ages 69 to 89 years – did the same.

You want the ability to own your own traffic by building an email list of people that have already bought from your or looking to buy form you again. Just making sure were on the same page and not talking about your contact forum with emailing out your listing each week.

Talking about auto-responders

  • Awber
  • Get response
  • Mail Chimp

There’s tons choose from for helping you build a list of people that want to buy for you or at least want you’re free awesome content. Not selling your listing every time you post but offering value and building a relationship with the end user.

You want the ability to own your real estate web traffic in the end. Not have to worry about seo, Facebook marketing ads but the ability to control how much you’ll be paid if your wrote a book, new product or just selling a home to client.

Build that relationship first before anything else.